Hello and welcome. This site contains information, inspiration, encouragement, tips and strategies for remembering your loved ones by planting a garden or a tree of hope in your life, home and family.

The Hope Patch is a concept that appears in the inspiring family book, The Rainbow Chronicles: A Bedtime Story for a New Day. In the book, the Hope Patch is a beautiful garden planted in the Forbidden Bog to hide it from the Chancellor who insisted on uniformity. The woman gardener, Kellin, is a symbol of hope by choosing to honor the diversity of nature.

Celebrating Life. A Chinese proverb reads, “A single flower does not make a garden.” Nature is abundant with different plants, flowers, colors, and life. Choosing to honor Nature by planning diversity in a garden is an excellent reminder of how nature works.

Planting for 2012. Accomplishing a well-rounded, diverse and verdant garden depends on wisely choosing flower seeds and bulbs. Unless you want to manage silk flowers in your home, an outdoor garden must meet the criteria of your location and resources to be fruitful and multiply. For Spring 2012, I planted crocuses, daffodils and (of course) dark purple tulips.

Of course, no Hope Patch would be complete without planting and growing growing tulips. In the Rainbow Chronicles, purple tulips play an important role in reversing a code of uniformity that rulers enforced and people followed blindly. In step with the vast variety in nature, there are a number of species and kinds of purple tulips.

Morning Glories or day lilies are a special part of my Hope Patch. Morning glories last just one day, reminding us how precious each moment is.

The ultimate addition to a Hope Patch is a memorial tree. As beloved family members, close friends and even pets pass on, we grieve their absence. Planting a memorial tree on public lands or growing a Hope Patch is an inspiration.

These actions inspire us to believe in a better future as we experience new life that breaks forth and rises from seeds and bulbs that have been planted in the silent earth. A Hope Patch is much like seeing a new dawn at sunrise after a turbulent, stormy night.

Feel very free to visit the pages on this site to find inspiration and encouragement. Post your comments and experiences in growing hope in your life and that of others.

Blessings to you this day,

Dave Pipitone